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President Obama gave his third State of the Union address Tuesday night.  Below were U.S. Senator Mike Enzi’s, R-Wyo., comments following the President’s speech.

“The President’s words about his vision for the future, especially his words about
government’s role in people’s lives, don’t match his past actions or even the
words he uttered elsewhere in his speech.  My mother always taught me to
watch what a person does more than listen to what they say.  Show me the
legislation, not the rhetoric. The devil is in the details.  How can you
pay down the debt when you spend more money?  Even the President admitted
that we are out of money.  But he’s obviously not out of new projects.

“He repeatedly called on Congress to ‘send me a bill that…’  The problem with
him saying that is for the last three years the bills have come from the White
House to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Those bills skip the
committee of jurisdiction and go straight to the Senate floor.  They are
broad, expansive and complex bills that also contain provisions many of us see
as destructive.  Then the President criticizes the Senate for not passing
his bill.  If he wants to sign more bills, the President and Senate
majority should focus on areas of agreement.  Leave out the bill killers
that stop everyone before we start.  These bills would be smaller, simpler
and more targeted.  Use the committee process and allow senators to offer

“Governor Daniels’ response to the President’s speech was to the point when Daniels said, ‘We need a government that will serve the people, not supervise them.’”

Click here to download audio of Senator Enzi's comments.