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U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., expects President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight to largely be a repeat of the same rhetoric used in the past.

The following is a pre-speech statement from Enzi.

“He’ll tell us how well his policies are working and this year I expect him to emphasize that if he doesn’t get his way on legislation he wants, he’s going to bypass Congress. He will also make promises about helping the middle class. The President can’t keep ignoring the Constitution just because he doesn’t get everything he wants. He demands that it only be done his way and done immediately. His refusal to listen results in laws with bad consequences like Obamacare. He tries to distract the country from its negative effects.

“Over the last year more people came to realize the president’s promise of ‘if you like your health care, you can keep it’ was never true. He also promised lower premiums. He can quote all the statistics he wants, but people know they were forced to change health care plans and are paying more. He has a credibility problem of his own making.

“I expect the president to advocate for more unemployment benefits and an increase in the minimum wage, but these policies are placebos that actually can end up hurting those without jobs and people with lower incomes. Using money borrowed from China to pay people without jobs doesn’t get people jobs. Increasing the minimum wage causes employers to cut jobs and ends up increasing the cost of living with the major effect of a huge tax increase. If you force businesses to pay people $10 per hour to the entry-level skill people, then the people making $9 per hour will need to be paid more and so on. Many union members will get a guaranteed automatic increase in wages. In order to pay for all these wage increases, the price of what you buy will have to be increased. More money only buys the same as what could be bought before.

“We need to increase skills to fill the thousands of jobs that are available right now. That’s how people get higher paying jobs and get ahead. There are dozens of House-passed bills the Senate majority has refused to consider that would result in better jobs. We should focus on job training and creating an environment where businesses have the freedom to make their own decisions on how to hire more people, improve and increase sales.”