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Washington, D.C. -  The friendly skies will get a little friendlier for travelers flying through Buffalo, Cheyenne, Lusk, Pinedale and Riverton thanks to five federal airport grants worth a total of more than $6 million, announced U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Representative Barbara Cubin, all R-Wyo.

Johnson County Airport, Cheyenne Regional Airport, Lusk Municipal Airport, Ralph Wenz Field in Pinedale and Riverton Regional Airport will all be receiving major improvement grants from the Federal Aviation Administration. The funds will be used for projects such as runway improvement and the building of airport hangars.

“Air travel is fundamental to Wyoming’s infrastructure.  Many of our residents and businesses, as well as tourists, rely upon airline services for access to quick and convenient transportation.  I am pleased these four airports will be receiving these funds to keep their facilities operating at an optimal level,” Enzi said.

“I welcome the airport grants and the benefits they will bring for folks living around Buffalo, Cheyenne, Lusk, Pinedale and Riverton.  However it is important to remember that the construction season in Wyoming generally starts in June and ends in early November.  Grant allocation should take this into account. Better timing and more flexibility toward cold weather states like Wyoming will save our taxpayer dollars when projects are completed in one season, not spread out over two,” Barrasso said.

“These airport improvements will benefit not only the people of Wyoming, but also our economy.  These grants will help ensure that our industries will remain competitive and that our businesses will stay well connected,” stated Cubin. 

Below are the details of the individual grants:

  • Johnson County Airport in Buffalo:  $349,000 for runway rehabilitation.
  • Cheyenne Regional Airport:  $5,374,096 for runway rehabilitation.
  • Lusk Municipal Airport:  $38,760 to construct hangars, which will allow the airport to become more self-sustaining.
  • Ralph Wenz Field in Pinedale:  $38,760 to update the airport master plan, which will assist the airport in identifying future needs.
  • Riverton Regional Airport:  $516,789 to rehabilitate the commercial service apron where passengers board the planes and luggage is loaded and unloaded.

For more information about the grants, contact Craig Sparks in the Department of Transportation regional office at 303-342-1254.