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Enzi: Budget deal repeats broken promises

Spend more now, cut later

December 17, 2013

After voting against a procedural motion today on the Ryan-Murray budget deal, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., spoke on the Senate floor today discussing his disappointment with the proposal. According to Enzi, the budget deal will spend more, grow government more, with the promise of spending cuts that will never materialize. Excerpts from his speech are included below.

“This budget reflects a deal, not legislation, a deal. It raises spending above the spending limits that Congress put in place two years ago. It raises revenue from hard working Americans to pay for this new spending and ‘promises’ to cut spending in the future.

“We’ve seen how this story ends before. We’ve already read that book. We’ll spend more now, we’ll grow the government more now. And ultimately, the spending cuts will never materialize.

“This is not the right path forward. My constituents back home in Wyoming and Americans across this country deserve better. We talk about how we’ve reduced the deficit. Reduced the deficit? That means we were over spending by $1 trillion a year. And now we’re only over spending by $500 billion. That’s still overspending and families across America know you can’t keep spending more than you take in.”

The Senate voted 67-33 to move toward final passage on the deal with a final vote expected tomorrow.