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Washington, D.C. - Big Horn County Commissioners in Lovell, Realtors in Casper and townspeople of Thermopolis were just a few of the Wyomingites who exchanged information this past week with U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.

"During my travels this week I discussed efforts to combat high taxes, high energy costs, details of the Congressional education package, the return of the American servicemen and women detained in China, government spending, enforcement of the North American Free Trade Agreement, prescription drugs, rules governing feedlots that threaten the viability of Wyoming ranching operations and improvement of the market for Wyoming sugar beets to name a few," said Enzi. "The range and depth of Wyoming interests are as big as our great state. I learn as much or more from the people I meet with than they learn from me. I'm fortunate to work for a state where I can meet such a large percentage of the population face to face."

Enzi particularly enjoyed his meeting with Cody High School Students who took time from their spring break to meet with him and discuss research they have been doing on whether there really is a national budget surplus or not.

"The meeting was beneficial for everyone," said Enzi. "They were very attentive, enthusiastic and well informed."

Enzi said sitting in on classes in an elementary school in Evansville was particularly educational.

"I sat in on reading programs at various grade levels. This will help me when we get started with the education debate in the Senate, particularly when we discuss the emphasis on reading programs," said Enzi.

In Worland and Powell Enzi informed sugar beet growers of his talks with Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman, Secretary of State Colin Powell and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick about how to stabilize sugar prices through a reduction in stockpiled sugar and efforts to stop Canada's practice of "sugar laundering".

The sugar beet growers also thanked Enzi for his leadership and work on loan guarantee legislation designed to help them form cooperatives. The farmers talked about potential electricity cogeneration, a process where heat generated from sugar beet processing for example, is harnessed to produce energy for other uses.

Other highlights of Enzi's trip included meetings with the Cody and Powell Chambers of Commerce, Big Horn National Forest officials in Lovell, Woolgrowers in Casper, Boy Scouts in Powell, the Five Trails Rotary Club in Casper, town meetings in Lovell, Thermopolis and Evansville and a tour of High-Q, a new car gauge manufacturing firm in Powell.

"Meeting in person with town, county and agency officials as well as community groups and individuals is extremely helpful," said Enzi. "I get a full orientation of the projects they are working on that could use help at the federal level. This means a quicker response time."

A couple of events on next week's schedule include the opening ceremony of a boys and girls club in Gillette and the grand opening of a VA outreach clinic in Gillette.