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Washington, D.C. -President George W. Bush addressed the nation this evening regarding Iraq.

U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi commended President Bush's strong leadership and asked Americans to pray for their leaders and the young men and women of our military.

"The President has shown solid leadership. He has given Saddam every opportunity to live up to the terms of the surrender agreement and Saddam has chosen to play games. I don’t believe the security and safety of the American people is a game.

"The President's message was very direct and very simple not only to Saddam Hussein, who was given yet another chance to avoid military conflict, but also to the Iraqi people and Iraqi military. If Saddam Hussein leaves we can realize a peaceful disarming of Iraq. The President specifically talked to the troops through simultaneous translation, encouraging them not to fight for a dying regime. It's not worth their life. The President also made a point to address the Iraqi people by assuring them that their oil and their land will be theirs to use in freedom to better their own country. This is an important message that I hope Iraq will hear.

"My prayers and I hope the prayers of all Americans are with the President, our military leaders and each and every young man and young woman who has volunteered to serve our country. We should recognize and be thankful for their sacrifice."