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It shouldn’t have taken a United States Senator 12 hours of non-stop-talking for the Administration to acknowledge the simple fact that it cannot kill American citizens on American soil without a trial, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., who spoke on the Senate floor today against the nomination of John Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In his speech, Enzi commended Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., for his more than 12 hour filibuster of the Brennan nomination over the Administration’s unwillingness to answer questions about the use of drones against American citizens.


“I, like many of my colleagues, and more importantly, the Constitution, do not support using drones on American soil to kill Americans without judge, jury or trial,” said Enzi. “Senator Paul deserves recognition for standing up for the American people and bringing this issue to light.  And it’s an issue that I and many of my constituents in the State of Wyoming find very troubling. As I traveled around Wyoming several weeks ago holding listening sessions, it become abundantly clear that people are very concerned over this Administration’s disregard for constitutionally guaranteed individual rights.  

“This Administration did not rule out the possibility of using drones against Americans on U.S. soil. This is particularly problematic because our Constitution does not say that the Fifth Amendment applies when the President or Attorney General thinks it applies. The Fifth Amendment was written with this particular form of government abuse in mind and it is more than appropriate for Congress to ask this question in its oversight role.”

Brennan nomination

Apart from John Brennan’s views on drones, Senator Enzi had concerns with Brennan’s history of blocking pertinent information from Congress. Brennan’s involvement in several CIA leaks, including the disclosure of sensitive information concerning intelligence sources and methods also were factors Enzi weighed when voting against the nomination. The Senate confirmed Brennan with a vote of 63-34.

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