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"I have two serious concerns with the deal. I believe Montana and Wyoming and especially the communities near the mine, deserve an explanation why the administration decided to forego additional mineral development elsewhere in place of the project. I would also like to know who is really going to pay for the mine."

"If the administration had agreed to a lease exchange instead of a cash buyout, the mining company could still be producing, providing jobs and potentially millions of dollars of revenue for the economy."

"The way the deal is now, the government is just bouncing another check. The $65 million the administration wants to give to Crown Butte is already spoken for. You have to pay as you go. In other words, the federal mineral royalties used to pay Crown Butte, by law have to be offset by a reduction in spending or an increase in taxes somewhere else. There have been no details concerning this. The deal tips the scales and one side is dipping low into the deficit pit. I think we've had enough of that.