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Washington, D.C. -- Americans should have more freedom to choose how they will provide for their medical needs. If a bill cosponsored by Wyoming U.S. Senator Mike Enzi becomes law, they will.

Enzi is an original cosponsor of S.572, the Equal Access to Health Care Act, a measure that would repeal Internal Revenue Service restrictions on Medical Savings Accounts.

"The answer to improving our healthcare system will not ultimately come from government. The solution lies with the people and a government that isn't making their decisions for them," Enzi said. " That's what this legislation does. It gives everyone the ability to care for themselves through their own tax-free MSA."

The current law only allows certain people and companies to set aside health care funds for tax-free MSAs. The number of MSAs available is capped at 750,000 nationwide and the current law providing for the limited MSAs now, is set to expire in 2000.

The measure Enzi has cosponsored would take away the 750,000 cap. It would not have an expiration date and would allow companies, large and small, to give funds set aside for health care insurance benefits, directly to the employees for their own MSAs.

"Health insurance portability has been a major concern in Wyoming. People in my state often have to change jobs because of the transient nature of their work. I don't want them to have to worry about whether their health care plans will go with them," he said. "This bill offers premier portability, especially for those who are between jobs or are self-employed. And this is the plan that guarantees choice, another important aspect of healthcare plans. The empowerment of the employee, to set aside and keep her or his own funds for future medical expenses, is the right way to ensure people greater access to affordable health care coverage."