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Washington, D.C. - Wyoming satellite TV viewers have less to worry about today after the president signed into law the final budget bill passed by Congress last week. The budget package included a provision "grandfathering" immediately some satellite TV service according to U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.

The budget bill provides that satellite subscribers who lost their network stations over the summer, and were scheduled to be cut off completely by the end of this year, will be allowed to continue to receive those stations until 2004.

New subscribers in markets where satellite companies are not providing local stations must request a waiver to receive network stations. Waivers are for homes that are within the local TV station's area but do not receive the signal. Local stations have 30 days to act on the waivers. If the local station does not act, the viewer receives the distant station automatically. If the station challenges the waiver then a signal test must be performed at the expense of the losing party. Before the "grandfather" clause in the budget bill, viewers simply went without network television - NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, UPN and the WB.

Enzi said this is a significant improvement for Wyoming satellite viewers. Now viewers will be able to watch network programming without having to deal with miles of red tape.

Enzi will work to further improve satellite television home viewing for Wyoming subscribers by increasing access to local television stations.