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The Senate voted 100-0 to move forward on S. 1917, a bill designed to curb sexual assault in the military.  It also debated, but did not advance, S. 1752, another bill on the same issue.  U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., voted to advance both bills and plans to support passage of S. 1917 in a vote scheduled for Monday.

“The military has been promising to stop sexual assaults for years now.  It hasn’t.  We need to do something and as a former service member, I supported consideration of both Senator Gillibrand’s bill and the bill put forward by Senators McCaskill and Ayotte.  Both bills have been good for creating awareness of this serious problem and I think this will lead to improvements even though not everyone got what they wanted.  We would have been able to get more of what more people wanted if the majority leader would have run the debate properly and allowed amendments from both sides to improve the bills.

“Those guilty of sexual assault, whether they are a movie star, sports star or member of our armed forces, must be held accountable.”