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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., today warned that federal legislation mandating more paid sick days could further endanger the nation’s fragile economy and undermine efforts employers are already taking to protect their workers.
"Many employers are not able to maintain current payrolls, which is evidenced by the rise in unemployment to a 26-year high at 10.2 percent.  Employers should not be forced to reduce or adjust current healthcare or retirement benefits, or downsize their workforce because of a new one-size-fits all mandate," Enzi said at a hearing today titled, “The Cost of Being Sick: H1N1 and Paid Sick Days.” “The alarm that the H1N1 virus has raised in many households also translates to our workplaces, but it isn’t reason to punish already struggling small businesses. Now more than ever we should be lifting up America’s small businesses to help create economic growth and to create sustainable jobs.”
Additionally, Enzi criticized the federal government's preparation and response to the H1N1 virus, saying vaccine production and distribution cannot continue to fall short of the public's need.
Click here to view Enzi’s statement at the hearing.