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Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., made the following comments following President Bush’s nearly $3 trillion Fiscal Year 2009 budget request released today. Enzi, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, pointed out that the President’s budget request is the first out of many steps in the budget process that ultimately ends with House and Senate lawmakers finalizing budget numbers that make up a blueprint for broad categories of spending.

“Just like every person and family must set a budget to keep spending in check, so must the federal government. Although the final checks are written and approved by Congress, the President makes his priorities known through his budget request.

“Every year I encourage people not to overreact in response to the President’s budget because it is only a suggestion and Congress ultimately controls the purse strings.

“Unfortunately, the President’s request includes a renewal of the mineral royalty change that is unfair to Wyoming. I will continue to build the coalition of senators that oppose this royalty change in the Senate’s budget.                      

“Decreasing the deficit by controlling spending is essential. I applaud the President’s efforts to balance the budget and think the Senate can go even farther to straighten out the financial matters of this country. I am working with my colleagues on legislation designed to change the entire federal spending system so that emergency spending will be anticipated, spending deadlines will be met and there will be more time for oversight of how the money is being used. Any sound budget should have a comprehensive plan to decrease the national deficit and I am pleased the President’s request includes an outline to help stabilize spending. Now it is up to Congress to follow through and restrain spending."