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Washington, D.C. - More help is on the way for Fremont County residents who are fighting their own war on drugs, according to U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.

Enzi, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Barry McCaffrey and others announced today the awarding of 94 Drug-Free Community Program grants. Among them is $100,000 for the Abate Substance Abuse Project based in the Riverton-Lander area.

The community based coalition serves Fremont County and the Wind River Indian reservation through prevention education, early intervention and intensive treatment programs for adolescents and adults who are in schools or detention. The coalition also seeks to create a sentiment where the whole community looks unfavorably toward underage drinking and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

"I am pleased that, literally, on the heels of passing the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reauthorization in both the House and the Senate, we are issuing these grants to prevent drug abuse," Enzi said. "Fremont County and the whole state are really suffering from underage drinking, drinking and driving and other forms of drug abuse. The statistics are startling, but no matter what the number, if this unfortunate problem touches you or someone you love the percentage is 100. We have to fight this as a community and a country."

Enzi also applauded the efforts of Governor Jim Geringer for establishing the Governor's Advisory Board on Substance Abuse and Violent Crime. The board recently released an adolescent school survey that showed a higher percentage of Wyoming students abuse drugs than the national average in many categories.

This is Wyoming's 3rd Drug Free Communities Grant in three years, according to Enzi. All of the grants have been awarded on the merits of the innovative prevention proposals prepared by the people on the front lines in Wyoming.