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While debt ceiling negotiations between Congress and the White House continue, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., took to the Senate floor to remind his colleagues that the financial situation we are facing was one of the most predictable in our nation’s history – one caused by too much federal spending.  Excerpts of Enzi’s speech are below.

“We talk about how we are putting this debt on our children and our grandchildren. I want to tell you time is on us right now. The bill is coming due... It’s a problem we can all see and we can all acknowledge must be fixed.”

“We can’t just keep raising the debt ceiling. We have to address the spending problem in Washington, and we have to figure out some solutions to correct our long-term outlook. These aren’t easy issues to address, but we’ve been sent here to do a job and that job includes rolling up our sleeves and finding a way out of this mess.”

To view Enzi’s full speech CLICK HERE.