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Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., cast a vote against a bloated spending bill that ultimately passed the Senate under the ruse of a stimulus package.

“The biggest problem with this stimulus package is the lure of free money. This bill should be called the deficit spending bill, not a stimulus package. This package in all likelihood will do little to stimulate the economy but it does pass on more debt to our children. I am not convinced that dropping a bunch of tax dollars out of an airplane is going to solve anything,” said Enzi.

Before final passage of the bill Enzi voted in favor of an amendment that would qualify Social Security beneficiaries and disabled veterans for rebate checks. The amendment, which passed the Senate, would also prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving checks by requiring valid social security numbers. When passage of a stimulus package looked inevitable Enzi worked to make sure seniors and veterans were included and illegal immigrants did not benefit.

“Seniors and veterans will benefit from this package and I am proud to put my support behind the amendment that supports them. I also knew that whatever form the final package took it should not distribute taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants. Even though I voted against the final bill, I wanted to get the bill as good as I could. It is unfortunate a majority of my colleagues didn’t see the bill’s shortcomings and deficit spending but I am pleased they agreed with me on the importance of helping seniors and veterans and keeping illegal immigrants from prospering off the backs of legal citizens.”