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U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., made the following comments following a speech by President Obama today regarding his energy policy.

“President Obama’s energy speech is like frosting on a cardboard cake. It’s good on the outside, but once you cut into it and find what his energy policy is actually made of, it doesn’t taste so good,” Enzi said. “His policy has been a mixture of blocking access by locking up land, slow permitting and increased energy taxes and regulation.

“Just two weeks ago when the President was in Brazil he told a group of Brazilian businessmen that America was looking forward to being their best customers when they start selling their oil reserves. Today he tells Americans he wants to decrease oil imports by one third. There is a disconnect there.”

Enzi said the Administration has released onerous regulations that make it difficult and timely to develop energy on federal lands in a timely fashion. The President has also delayed the approval of offshore oil drilling permits. He continues to deny access to new areas of the outer continental shelf and ANWR drilling. In his State of the Union address and his budget the President proposed increasing taxes on oil companies by billions of dollars. The Administration also continues to march forward with climate change regulations that will increase energy prices for every consumer.

Enzi proposed his energy solutions in his Eight Steps for Energy Sufficiency bill. The bill would support using less energy, finding more American energy, speeding up the permitting process, increasing innovation, increasing incentives instead of taxes, expanding clean coal technology and nuclear facilities and opening up ANWR to drilling.