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Buffett Rule a political gimmick

Approximately four out of five “millionaires” that would be affected by the higher taxes of the “Buffett Rule” are small business owners who are taxed on profits immediately even though they have to leave it in the business. This would make it more difficult, and in some cases impossible for businesses to expand and thrive in the current economy. In reality, this bill is a gimmick intended to distract the country from the tough political decisions that cannot wait until after the 2012 elections.

There is a better path forward to achieve the desired result of the “Buffett Rule.” That path includes comprehensive tax reform that results in a tax code that is simpler, fairer, and pro-growth. If we combine that with appropriate spending cuts our country will be able to get out from under the heavy weight of our current and escalating debt burden.

Sen. Enzi’s plan for cutting federal spending is the “One Cent Solution.” This bill would make true cuts to federal spending by one percent for seven years and achieve a balanced budget in the eighth year. Wyoming families have had to cut their budget by more than one percent. The federal government should be able to do the same.

Enzi defends Wyoming’s ICBMs

Last month Senator Enzi joined a bipartisan coalition of senators in sending a letter expressing concerns over proposed efforts to reduce the nuclear capabilities of the United States. The letter was sent to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Senators Ben Nelson and Jeff Sessions, respectively.

The letter acknowledges the new START agreement’s range of missile levels and asks that any reductions be made equally among the three facilities that house them, one being F.E. Warren Air Force Base. The letter also asks that reductions be done incrementally and all missiles remain in ‘warm’ status. This will help to guarantee strength and preparedness in times of need.

Department of Labor on Wyoming farms

Senator Enzi joined Sen. Barrasso and 36 other senators to introduce the Preserving America’s Family Farm Act, a common-sense piece of legislation that will prevent the Department of Labor from enacting its controversial restrictions on youth working on family farms.

These restrictions would prohibit youth under the age of 18 from being near certain-aged animals without adult supervision or participating in common livestock practices such as vaccinating and hoof trimming. This will severely limit participation in 4-H and FFA activities.

Under the restrictions youth will also be prohibited from operating machinery over 20 PTO horsepower, completing tasks over six feet high, and working at stockyards and grain and feed facilities.

The language is so specific that youth would even be banned from operating a battery-operated screwdriver or a pressurized garden hose.

“Wyoming farmers and ranchers don’t need the federal government telling them how to raise young people in agriculture,” said Enzi. “Our bill protects the future of agriculture and the traditions of rural America.”

In December of 2011, a group of 30 senators sent a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Labor requesting these proposed rules be withdrawn and outlined numerous concerns. As of today, the Department has not responded to the bipartisan letter.

Inventors Conference this weekend

Don’t miss Senator Enzi’s annual Inventors Conference, “From Your Garage to the Assembly Line,” being held at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs on April 21 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in Room 1005. Pre-registration is available by contacting Senator Enzi’s state director, Robin Bailey, at (307) 682-6268 or

Bipartisan JOBS Act signed into law

Earlier this month, President Obama signed into law the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act which Senator Enzi voted for.

The bipartisan legislation will help small businesses attract new investors, remove costly regulations, and provide access to the capital needed for growth.

EPA targets coal with regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued new carbon emission regulations that will have a long-term impact on Wyoming’s coal industry.

“If the President truly wants an ‘all of the above’ energy policy, he needs to support the development of all energy sources,” said Senator Enzi.

Coal is an inexpensive and abundant domestic energy source that creates thousands of Wyoming and American jobs. These rules restrict the advancement of new power plants, hindering job growth.

Health care law anniversary

The two-year anniversary of President Obama’s health care law recently came and went. It was a reminder of all the broken promises to Wyoming. The law, which will cost over $2.6 trillion, is a massive injection of government in the medical decisions of every American.

“It is time for real reform that puts health care decisions into the hands of American families and their doctors, not Washington bureaucrats,” said Enzi.

Even after printing piles of money to pay for the President’s new health care law, and forcing thousands of pages of new regulations on small businesses, the President’s law will still leave 27 million people without health insurance. Congress should renew its focus on health laws that will actually lower health care costs, help employers and allow Americans to keep the plans they want

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