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A message from Senator Mike Enzi

The month of April has been an eventful month for the country between a possible government shut down, more alarming reports about the rising national debt and the first portion of the health care law being repealed. I work every day to get this country’s finances in order, keep the federal government out of our daily lives and ensure our grandchildren do not inherit mountains of debt.

In this newsletter my staff and I have summarized some of the happenings since my last newsletter. Thank you for subscribing. More information is available on my website. You can also contact me through my website if you have questions or comments.

Headlines & Highlights

Government shutdown averted

After a temporary measure was passed to keep the government open, the Senate passed a bill that cut spending by $38 billion while funding the federal government through the end of the fiscal year. This bill fully funds the military. “Our soldiers should never be used as pawns in a beltway budget showdown. I am pleased this bill ensures they are compensated for putting their lives on the line defending our freedoms.” Senator Enzi is looking forward to hashing out details of future government funding bills and tackling entitlement reform and deficit reduction in the days and weeks to come.

Wolves in Wyoming

Language was included in the government funding bill that would take wolves off the endangered species list in surrounding areas, but not in Wyoming. Fortunately, the language also made clear that a court ruling last fall in favor of Wyoming’s wolf management plan would stay intact. Representative Lummis was instrumental in ensuring Wyoming would not be at a disadvantage in efforts to continue work to delist the wolf.

1099 IRS reporting requirement repealed

President Obama signed a measure repealing the onerous 1099 IRS reporting requirement in the health care law on April 14. A provision in the Affordable Care Act would have forced 40 million businesses to submit a separate 1099 form to the IRS for every business-to-business transaction that totals more than $600 in a year. Bills in the House and Senate rescinded that provision and protected small businesses from the burdensome provision.

Financial Literacy Month

Senator Enzi co-sponsored the 2011 Financial Literacy Resolution designating April 2011 as Financial Literacy Month. The senator has been a co-sponsor of the resolution since its start in 2003. As an accountant, he recognizes that increasing financial knowledge will help Americans make more informed financial decisions and be better prepared to alleviate difficult financial situations. He encourages Americans to educate themselves in economics, credit and personal finance.

2011 Taxpayers’ Friend Award

Senator Enzi was recently awarded the 2011 Taxpayers’ Friend Award by the National Taxpayers Union. Enzi was rated one of the best in the Senate and given an “A” grade on their annual report card for the 14th year in a row. This grade is based on votes made by legislators to reduce spending, taxes, debt and regulation. The bad news is that nearly half of Congress received an “F” grade.

New and Improved Website

My official website got a facelift. Check out The site provides news releases, audio and video clips, photos, internship information, newsletter sign up and other useful information about my day to day work in the Senate.