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Enzi becomes Budget Commitee Chair

Senator Mike Enzi was elected Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee on Jan.8. This is the second time Wyoming’s senior senator will lead a Senate committee. Enzi is also the first accountant to hold the position. As one of the most important roles in the Senate, the Chairman of the Budget Committee will work with his counterpart in the House, Chairman Tom Price, R-Ga., in developing a fiscal budget blueprint that addresses America’s $18 trillion national debt.

"Federal spending has exploded in recent years, more than doubling the country’s debt obligations. We have the opportunity this year to put our country on not just another course, but a better course. For more than six years, deficits have soared when compared to the past with little regard to what future generations will have to do to pay for the things we decided not to pay for today," said Enzi. "It is my hope that our $18 trillion national debt will be a wakeup call for Congress and our nation. If done properly, we can cut spending without inflicting massive cuts into every area government operates. It’s all about cutting the worst first. Let’s weed out duplicative programs and those that were supposed to end decades ago. A little pain now pays dividends for the future.”

Enzi to co-chair tax reform working group on individual income tax

The Senate Finance Committee announced the launch of five separate bipartisan Tax Working Groups to spur congressional comprehensive tax reform efforts in the 114th Congress. Senator Mike Enzi will co-chair the working group focusing on reforms to individual income taxes.   

“There is a wide agreement from Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, that our tax code is broken and in need of a major overhaul,” said Enzi. “Tax reform is one of the best tasks that Congress can undertake that will help make America more competitive in the global economy, create jobs, and spur innovation and entrepreneurship. I’m proud to take part in developing solutions for reforming individual income taxes. Let’s simplify our tax system, lower the rates, and make sure that families across America don’t have to have a degree in accounting just to file their taxes.”

Wyoming in 114th Congress

Vice President Joe Biden swore in U.S. Senator Mike Enzi on Jan. 6 to represent Wyoming for a fourth term as U.S. senator. 

The State of the Union

Senator Enzi issued the following statement in regard to the president’s State of the Union speech.

"What we’re hearing from the president isn’t new. It’s a rehash of the same message he defaults to when he’s in campaign mode and doesn’t want to address the difficult problems facing our country. It’s a distraction from our $18 trillion national debt. It’s a distraction from our unaffordable and soon-to-be bankrupt programs. It’s a distraction at a time when America needs real leadership," said Enzi. "Economic populism sounds great if you fancy yourself Robin Hood, handing out freebies when someone else has to pay for it. Unfortunately, America’s financial problems aren’t that simple."