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Enzi: One down, eleven to go

Bipartisan work helps Senate pass government funding bill

The Senate recently passed the first of 12 bills necessary to fund the government. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., praised the bipartisan efforts of his colleagues who worked in committee and on the Senate floor to pass the spending legislation that focused on energy and water programs.

The Energy and Water Appropriations Act, which the Senate passed 90-8, includes measures that support nuclear security, waterways navigation and energy innovation.

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Senate passes energy bill for the 21st century

Recently the Senate passed an energy bill that Enzi said would modernize the U.S. energy policies relating to efficiency, infrastructure, supply and accountability.  Enzi applauded the bipartisan legislation as common ground that both sides agree are needed.

“This bill is the first significant update to our nation’s energy policies in eight years. The provisions in the bill would help modernize and strengthen our energy policies for the 21st century,” Enzi said. “Wyoming and other communities are hurting right now because of the Administration’s continuous regulatory attacks, but a thriving energy sector can help provide the stability this nation needs to grow and prosper.”

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Protecting bow users traveling in national parks

There is good news for those who travel with a bow to go hunting or for recreational purposes. The Senate recently passed a bill that included language to allow bows and archery equipment to be transported lawfully through national parks.

“I am glad the Senate was able to extend the same important protection to bow-owners that firearm owners are already provided,” Enzi said. “It is important that Congress is able to provide common-sense protection for law-abiding citizens who need to travel across national parks to get to the land they intend to bow hunt on.”

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Put America on a better path

Time to fix the budget process

During the Senate Budget Committee’s fourth hearing on the broken budget process, Enzi said that fixing the budget will help put the nation on a better path by providing more predictability, transparency, and accountability to spending by the federal government.

“Both parties agree that our budget process is broken, and now is the time to fix it,” Enzi said.  “Instead of the current budget, which is designed to fail both Congress and the public, it is time to put forth a process that is designed to succeed. In theory, it should serve as a fiscal blueprint that coordinates revenues and spending and connects congressional priorities and committees.  And it’s the only tool that Congress has to control runaway mandatory spending.”

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