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Statement on election results

Senator Enzi issued the following statement following the November elections.

“Our electoral process has served America for more than 200 years. While the result of this election may not have been what many of us wanted, millions of Americans went to the polls and the people have spoken. This is a time that requires great cooperation and bipartisanship. Failure to act on our national debt, the fiscal cliff, rising health care costs, and a whole slate of other issues, will leave future generations with less opportunity and prosperity than our ancestors left us.

“My congratulations to Senator Barrasso and Representative Lummis on their re-election. They earned it. Wyoming has a strong team and we will continue to advocate for less government and more sustainable spending along with responsible domestic energy production.

“The nation needs leadership to bring our country and our Congress together to address the critical issues facing this nation. America is the greatest country in the world and I represent the greatest state in the country and I’m thankful. The election didn’t change that.”

Missing welfare dependency reports

For the fourth year in a row, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under the leadership of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, has failed to issue a federally-mandated annual report on welfare data, according to Senator Enzi.

This data is used by leaders of key Congressional committees whose legislation affects welfare programs and their constituencies. If it were to be issued, it would reveal that more Americans than ever before are dependent on federal welfare.

Enzi joined some of his colleagues in writing to Sebelius requesting a response about the department’s failure to issue the report late last month.

Timber industry can help prevent wildfires

This summer the Rocky Mountain West endured 5,152 fires that scorched a total of 1,186,965 acres. These wildfires had devastating effects on communities, much of which is still being felt.

Senator Enzi joined a bipartisan letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack requesting the support of proactive forest management, utilizing our timber industry. The timber industry has the ability to reduce fuel loads in wildfire-prone areas and improve community safety.

According to Senator Enzi, this will also support local economies and safeguard drinking water supplies. Jobs would be created to restore forest health and convert hazardous fuels in to energy.

The full letter text can be found here.

Enzis honor veterans

Senator Enzi and his wife Diana paid tribute to American veterans and their families by participating in Casper’s United Veteran’s Council Veterans Day events. Enzi was the keynote speaker. Below are excerpts from his speech as prepared for delivery.

“Each year on November 11, we come together as a nation to express our heartfelt gratitude and offer a humble thank you to our veterans for the countless sacrifices they and their families have made over the years on our behalf. It is because of them that our nation is strong and free, and that our American way of life is protected and preserved.

“Remember to take the first opportunity you have to thank a veteran for what we have received from their efforts. God bless you and all those who are not with us today.”

Wyoming succeeds at Forage Superbowl

Wyoming came out on top in this year’s World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, in early October. Hay growers from across the U.S. and Canada submitted samples for awards.

Senator Enzi was glad to hear that in the Commercial Hay Division five of the six Wyoming entrants placed in the top 10 (not to mention we took first through fourth place), out of 27 total entries. In the Grass/Hay Division three of the five Wyoming entrants placed in the top 10, out of 25 total entries.

This is the eighth consecutive year that Wyoming producers have competed and displayed exceptional skills in the field.

Lincoln Co. office hours

Senator Enzi's five state offices in Cheyenne, Gillette, Casper, Cody and Jackson offer office hours where Wyoming residents have the opportunity to meet with Senator Enzi’s state representatives in his absence. Upcoming office hours include:

Thursday, November 15:

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Afton Town Hall

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Thayne Town Hall

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Star Valley Ranch Town Hall

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