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A message from Senator Enzi

Happy New Year! I started the first day of the 110th Congress by attending the swearing in of recently elected members and had the honor of escorting Senator Thomas on the Senate floor to take his oath to serve another term as a Wyoming senator. I am looking forward to working with the new members to bring about positive change for Wyoming in this new Congress.

My staff and I have summarized a few interesting pieces of information and news about what Congress has been doing during the first weeks of the new session. Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you have.

Headlines and Highlights

Enzi’s Day at the White House

On January 8 Enzi met with President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and Al Hubbard, the President’s economic policy advisor and other administration officials.

Enzi discussed the No Child Left Behind Act, health care costs, President Bush’s upcoming Iraq policy speech, Head Start and the Workforce Investment Act, a bill designed to help states train workers for jobs in high-demand occupations.

Enzi shared information about Wyoming energy projects with Hubbard and made him aware of the coal to diesel prospect in Wyoming and how well that fits into the national energy plan.

Committee Assignments

Enzi was able to secure spots on key committees that oversee issues important to Wyoming. For the 110th Congress he is the ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and a member of the Banking, Budget and Small Business Committees.

Wolf Management

Enzi is continuing to encourage the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the Canadian gray wolf from the endangered species list and approve Wyoming management of the animal. The Canadian gray wolf was reintroduced in Wyoming in January 1995, and has since dramatically surpassed original recovery goals. As a member of the Wyoming State Legislature in 1994, Enzi opposed wolf reintroduction, but because the wolf has exceeded recovery goals, he believes it is time to delist the creature. Enzi attended a meeting in late December, along with officials from the Department of the Interior (DOI), members of the Wyoming State Legislature and Governor Freudenthal to discuss Wyoming’s current wolf management plan. Members of Enzi’s staff met with DOI representatives this week. Enzi is pleased the department has now designated an official negotiator for Wyoming, which Enzi believes could move the process along with an actual obligation by the department on which Wyoming legislators could rely. Enzi said the department may finally be beginning to understand how short the Wyoming legislative session is. He said the DOI will have to get busy if they are to finish.

On the Horizon

The Senate is scheduled to vote on an ethics reform package as well as a minimum wage bill. The State of the Union address by President Bush is expected to be delivered on Jan. 23. Enzi will host the fifth Wyoming Procurement Conference in Casper on February 21-22 as well as the fourth annual Inventors Conference in Rock Springs on April 2.

News Nuggets

Wyo. Press

* On Jan. 13, Enzi attended the Wyoming Press Association Winter Convention in Cheyenne. Enzi spoke with publishers, editors and reporters of Wyoming papers about his work in the Senate.

Tax Relief

*On Jan. 4, 2007 Enzi cosponsored legislation, the State and Local General Sales Tax Deduction, S. 180, to make the state and local general sales tax deduction permanent.


* Enzi attended the 2006 National Awards for Museum and Library Services on Jan. 8 held at the White House by First Lady Laura Bush. Enzi met award winner, Maggie Scarlett of Jackson, and talked about his work to get the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson an official recognition as a national museum.

Capitol Art

* Enzi introduced a bill to posthumously award Constantino Brumidi, the great Italian-American artist of our nation’s Capitol, the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor for his work painting the U.S. Capitol.

Energy Technology

*Enzi is pleased with progress in the Medicine Bow/Hanna area of Wyoming where Medicine Bow Fuel & Power, LLC, a subsidiary of DKRW Advanced Fuels LLC, has reached an agreement to sell 100 percent of the ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel that would be produced at the proposed coal-to-liquids plant to Sinclair Oil. The planned coal-to-liquids facility will provide the potential to expand usage of Wyoming’s coal reserves and provide more jobs to the state.