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Bipartisan coalition introduces bill to protect states mineral royalties

Senator Enzi, John Barrasso, Representatives Cynthia Lummis, all R-Wyo., and others introduced legislation that would allow states to collect their own mineral royalties, protecting money that is rightfully owed to the states. The bill would effectively eliminate a collection fee charged by the federal government, which amounts to around $40 million per year.

“For years, the federal government split the revenue 50-50, but only when it was short on money did it decide to squeeze a few states with this unfair surcharge," Enzi said "By empowering states to collect their own mineral revenue, they would no longer have to worry about the federal government snatching up mineral royalties that are rightfully theirs.”

Currently, the federal government charges states a 2 percent fee to cover collection  and disbursement costs. This legislation would ensure that states can continue to receive their 50 percent share of mineral royalties by giving them the option to administer their own programs. 

Enzi: Disability Insurance needs to modernize to avert bankruptcy

Congress must modernize the federal government’s primary program to assist the disabled to, “reflect the full ability of the disabled to contribute their talents to our country”, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi said this month at a U.S. Senate Budget Committee hearing. The Social Security Trustees have warned that the Social Security Disability Trust Fund trust fund will be insolvent by late 2016 unless something is done. 

Enzi stated that instead of relying on a short-term fix, Congress should look to modernize the program to take into account the tremendous contribution people can make even after undergoing severe hardship.

“Studies have shown those with disabilities tend to be happier, healthier, and have higher incomes when they’re working,” said Enzi. “Unfortunately the disabled today are less likely to earn income from working than ever before.”

By creating a system that can support the ability of disabled Americans to still contribute to our workforce, Enzi believes Congress would be able to provide the long-term security that America’s disabled deserve without putting an additional financial burden on the country that it cannot afford.

Bill would repeal Obamacare Mandates to help Employees

In order to stop Obamacare from forcing business to lay off workers and slow job creation, U.S. Senators Enzi and John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and others introduced the Small Business Fairness in Health Care Act. The bill would restore the definition of “full-time” work under the health care law to 40 hours a week and exempt more small businesses from the employer mandate.

According to Enzi, the bill would would encourage businesses to expand and create more jobs without fearing that huge fines will be levied against them unless they provide exactly what the president wants.  

Enzi introduces biennial budgeting plan

Senator Enzi introduced a bill that would force the federal government to budget over a two-year period, instead of the one-year window as it does now. Similar to how the Wyoming Legislature works, the Biennial Appropriations Act would give Congress the time to get into the weeds of the budget and help to focus on saving money by cutting the worst first.

“We obviously don’t have time to look through all our spending in a year. This dysfunctional legislating is not the way the government should operate,” said Enzi. “We’ve got to start legislating and stop deal-making. Biennial budgeting will help us get there.”