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A message from Senator Mike Enzi

The issue at the top of everyone’s mind is the debt ceiling and our national debt. Every day that passes is an opportunity lost and more borrowed money spent. Each Wyoming resident owes more than $46,000 for their share of the debt and that number grows every day. We have the opportunity to do something meaningful and that begins with spending less than we take in and paying back our debts.

My staff and I have compiled some of the most relevant issues I have been working on for Wyoming, though the emphasis this month highlights our work in tackling Washington’s spending habits.

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Headlines and Highlights

Debt Ceiling negotiations

Bipartisan talks have been underway for weeks now. Whatever plan is made should be the very best balance of all the good ideas that have been brought to the table. Senator Enzi looks forward to continuing his work with all his colleagues as they consider substantial debt reduction measures, real caps on spending, a balanced budget, a 1% solution and tax reform.  All Wyoming residents need to know that Sen. Enzi is working diligently on this issue and remains encouraged by the many solutions being offered. In the longer term there are bipartisan deficit solutions. To read more, click here.   

Most predictable crisis in our nation’s history

Senator Enzi took to the Senate floor to remind his colleagues that the financial situation we are facing was one of the most predictable in our nation’s history – one caused by too much federal spending. 

“We can’t just keep raising the debt ceiling. We have to address the spending problem in Washington, and we have to figure out some solutions to correct our long-term outlook. These aren’t easy issues to address, but we’ve been sent here to do a job and that job includes rolling up our sleeves and finding a way out of this mess.” View the video of the speech here.

On the Horizon

Wyoming state offices

Senator Enzi's five state offices in Cheyenne, Gillette, Casper, Cody and Jackson offer office hours where Wyoming residents have the opportunity to meet with Senator Enzi’s state representatives in his absence. State offices are open Monday-Friday. For contact information, click here. Residents can meet Enzi’s state representatives at one of the following office hours.

Upton – Tuesday, July 26th – Library – 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Newcastle – Tuesday, July 26th – Library – 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

– Wednesday, July 27th – City Hall – 9:00 -10:00 a.m. 

Riverton– Wednesday, July 27th – City Hall – 10:30 -11:30 a.m. 

Lander– Wednesday, July 27th – City Hall – 1:30 -2:30 p.m. 

Connect with Senator Enzi on Facebook

If you haven't already become a "fan" of Senator Enzi's Facebook page, check it out. It is a great way to see more of what is going on in Congress.  Click here to view his page.

News Nuggets

National Day of the American Cowboy

For the seventh year in a row the U.S. Senate has declared a National Day of the American Cowboy. This year the day falls on July 23, 2011. Senator Mike Enzi and Senator John Barrasso introduced the resolution that the Senate passed unanimously to honor the accomplishments and contributions of cowboys across the nation.

Senate confirms Wyoming native to 2nd ambassadorship

On June 30, the Senate unanimously confirmed Jeanine E. Jackson, of Sheridan, to be Ambassador to the African Republic of Malawi, a nation close to the southeastern coast of Africa. Senator Enzi praised the Senate confirmation of the first Wyoming native to be confirmed to a second ambassadorship for the United States.        

Enzi introduces new “1% solution” 

The One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2011 introduced by Senator Enzi sets forth a straightforward method to achieve the spending cuts necessary to right the fiscal ship of the United States. The bill would cut spending by 1% every year for 7 years and caps spending at 18 percent of America’s total economic output. Each year that passes would compound budget savings and go a long way toward solving our country’s budget problems.

Enzi seeks substantial votes

In response to the “lost” week in which no debt reducing votes took place, Sen. Enzi urged senate leadership to call up votes on substantial debt reducing measures: “What we could have done is move forward with the balanced budget amendment that all 47 Republicans have cosponsored.  We could have voted on my legislation to reduce spending by one percent each year until we achieve a balanced budget.” Click here for the video.

Enzi supports “Cut, Cap a Balance”

Enzi continues to push for a Balanced Budget Amendment as part of the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill. The bill would immediately cut spending, cap future spending, and create a balanced budget in nine years. A balanced budget amendment would be approved by Congress in exchange for a debt ceiling increase.  “Inaction is not some magic wand that will make the $14 trillion we have left to tower over our children go away. We have to pay off our debts and that begins by spending less than we take in.”