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Delegation restores Wyoming AML funding


A provision secured by the Wyoming’s Congressional delegation as part of a long-term surface transportation spending bill will force the federal government to fully return past and future abandoned mine land (AML) payments owed to the state. 

Under the agreement championed for years by U.S. Senators Mike Enzi, John Barrasso and U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming is now eligible to receive approximately $241.9 million immediately and roughly $600 million total over 10 years.

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Congress leaves No Child Left Behind

Recently Congress passed and the president signed a monumental education law that returns the responsibility of educating our nation’s students back to states and local communities.

Enzi applauded the bipartisan legislation that overhauls No Child Left Behind testing requirements and ends federal incentives that impose Common Core standards on states.

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Senate approves far-reaching Obamacare repeal

Through the budget reconciliation process, the Senate recently passed the most comprehensive and far-reaching repeal of Obamacare possible.

"Most Americans are still opposed to this unprecedented expansion of government intrusion into health care because it represents nothing more than broken promises, higher costs and fewer choices,” Enzi said. “The bill the Senate has approved is the first step in building a bridge from Obamacare’s broken promises to better access to high-quality health care for each and every American.” 

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Enzi: We must understand economic impact of America's regulations

During a receant hearing on regulatory budgeting, Enzi said it was vital to understand the cumulative costs and impact of regulations on the economy imposed by federal agencies through new rules.                                        

“The effects of regulation can be seen every day in my home state, not as fluctuations in statistical data, but in lost jobs and in the concerns that people have about the future of their communities,” Enzi said. “The EPA’s crusade to keep coal in the ground is already costing hundreds of jobs in my state and will cost this country billions of dollars. This is why our focus continues to be on the dangers that high regulatory burdens pose for our nation’s ability to sustain economic growth and fiscal health.”

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