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A message from Senator Mike Enzi
It is a new year and a new Congress! Members of the 112th Congress were sworn in on Jan. 5. The Senate will begin introducing legislation on Jan. 25 after Members of Congress reconvene from their home work period. I look forward to working on issues that affect many Wyoming residents. It will be a busy and full year!
My staff and I have summarized a few of the important issues I have been working on for Wyoming. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. More information is available on my Web site. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or comments.
Headlines & Highlights

Enzi comments on Tucson shooting
On Jan. 8, a gunman went on a shooting rampage in Tucson, Ariz., leaving six dead and 14 wounded. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who was hosting a constituency meeting near a supermarket, was targeted in the attack and is now recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. Senator Enzi released the following comment about the tragedy, “The shooting in Tucson is a senseless and inexcusable tragedy. Diana and I have the victims and their families in our prayers. While this appears to be a calculated attack on a political figure I do not feel the need to add security at my public events or change my schedule. I will continue meeting with the people of Wyoming as I have been.”
Enzi questions Bernanke on debt and inflation
On Jan. 7, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified at a Senate Budget Committee hearing and Senator Enzi questioned him about the national debt and the impact of inflation on gas and groceries. Enzi asked, “To what extent does the uncertainty that comes with these problems undermine economic growth?” and “If, as some analysts predict, gasoline prices reach $4 per gallon this summer, won’t this risk choking off economic recovery?” Bernanke said the nation’s long term tax and spending commitments are not sustainable and higher gas prices are like a tax on families and will be a negative for growth and for inflation.   
On the Horizon
Wyoming state offices
Senator Enzi has five state offices in Cheyenne, Gillette, Casper, Cody and Jackson where residents can meet with his state representatives. State offices are open Monday-Friday. For contact information, click here.

News Nuggets

Annual procurement conference approaches
Senator Enzi is co-hosting the 9th annual Wyoming Government Procurement Opportunities for Small Business Conference and Idea Expo on Feb. 22-24 in Evanston. The conference is a great opportunity to bring small businesses and government contractors together. Although federal agencies will be tightening their belts and more closely monitoring their budgets, they will also be looking for new and innovative ways to save money on the items they must purchase. This will provide an avenue for firms with an expertise that will help to reduce costs. To learn more about the conference or to register, visit WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz. Due to scheduling conflicts, Enzi is unable to attend but is pleased this important show will go on!
Enzi announces military academy nominations
On Dec. 17, Senator Enzi nominated 14 Wyoming students for the United States Service Academies for 2011. Nominees are selected through an academy selection committee put together by Enzi. “Military academies provide great opportunities to young people, including a quality education that will serve them in every area of their lives,” Enzi said.