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Each year around this time, things begin to ramp up as more folks travel out to Washington, D.C. to visit with delegates. But that doesn’t keep me from traveling back to the state almost every weekend. Our annual GRO-Biz Conference & Idea Expo last month, which was hosted in Rock Springs with Governor Matt Mead, was another great success. I also enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the Wyoming Legislature during their budget session. I am always impressed by their diligence and how much they achieve during the budget process in so little time.

Last week in Washington, the Senate passed monumental bipartisan legislation that would make it easier for community banks and credit unions to invest in Wyoming. Unfortunately, legislation with bipartisan support rarely gets the attention it deserves.  

I am especially pleased that the results of the recent tax reform are starting to show. For folks in Wyoming and across the country, tax reform has meant more money in their paychecks. What does it mean to you? Let us know your story by clicking here

What's new in March?

Enzi introduces new kind of savings account to help small businesses, employees cover health care costs

In an effort to help small businesses and their employees cover health care costs, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., introduced legislation to create a new kind of tax-exempt savings account which would provide more choice and flexibility. 

Similar to a traditional Health Savings Account (HSA) in the contribution limits and structure, the new Small Business Health Accounts would be available for employees of a small business to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to help cover health insurance and other health care expenses.

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Enzi seeks timeline for ongoing Pentagon audit after report shows $1 billion of inaccuracies

Enzi, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, pressed Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis for specifics on the department’s ongoing consolidated audit process. Enzi expressed concern after the Pentagon’s inspector general found numerous problems in the Defense Logistic Agency’s financial statements, including almost $1 billion of inaccuracies.

In a letter to Secretary Mattis, Enzi wrote, “DOD will spend more than $900 million on audit-related programs in FY 2018, 60 percent of which will be used to rectify problems identified by the independent auditor. As the consolidated audit effort continues, there will surely be many more painful findings. It is important for Congress to better understand how DOD is translating audit findings into changes in its business practices.”  

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Members of Congress urge Supreme Court to overturn case preventing states from collecting sales & use tax from out-of-state businesses like online vendors

Enzi, along with U.S. Senators Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN), submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court urging the Court to overturn a 25 year-old case determining whether states can require out-of-state businesses like online vendors to collect and remit state sales and use taxes. The members filed a brief asking the court to reconsider the case last fall.

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Senate passes bipartisan legislation to help community banks, credit unions invest in Wyoming

Enzi praised the Senate’s passage of bipartisan legislation that would help community banks and credit unions that have struggled under increased regulations.  

He said the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act would help small businesses grow and expand in Wyoming by providing relief to small community financial institutions that are struggling under unfair regulatory demands considering their size and the low risk they pose to the economy. Learn more.

Enzi offered an amendment to the act that would require the CFPB to set pay rates according to the federal government's General Schedule (GS) scale, but it was not included in the final bill. He spoke on the Senate floor about his amendment and highlighted the lavish spending on employee salaries. 

Enzi speaks at 2017 Boy Scout's Report to the Nation

At the 2017 Report to the Nation event on Capitol Hill, Enzi said it was amazing to meet and hear about the great accomplishments the young people in attendance had achieved. There were Eagle Scouts, a Life Scout, a Sea Scout, a Wolf Cub Scout, Venturing Scouts, a STEM Scout and a Law Enforcement Explorer serving as delegates and representing scouts across the country. Eagle Scout Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Rep. Pete Sessions, Rep. Chris Collins and other congressmen and scout representatives were also in attendance. Click here to learn more.  

Enzi sponsors resolution to make March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. "As the husband of a colorectal cancer survivor, I know the disease is easier to treat at early stages,"Enzi said"Be sure to get screened – it could save your life."

Around the state

March 7th (3/07) was 307 Day! Wyoming is often referred to as a small town with long roads. Being part of the same area code certainly helps.  See more

Congratulations to Wyoming’s United States Senate Youth Program delegates! Gillette’s Thomas Lubnau and Powell’s Hattie Pimentel spent a week representing our state in Washington, D.C. and experiencing government firsthand. They are both impressive students with bright futures.  See more

This year’s GRO-Biz Conference & Idea Expo was another success. It is a great event where folks can offer their products or services to the government and learn about the resources available for entrepreneurs and business owners to start or expand their company. I enjoyed talking with some wonderful Wyoming businesses about their success stories and plans for the future.  See more