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News from Senator Mike Enzi                                               

A message from Senator Enzi

Hello. Thank you for signing up for my newsletter. This is the first edition and I am excited about this new way of communicating with you about the work I am doing in Washington for the great state of Wyoming. We put together some information that I hope you will find informative. I look forward to receiving your input and encourage you to contact me if you have any questions.

Headlines and Highlights

Landmark Mine Safety Reform Bill Signed Into Law

              President Bush signed into law the first major overhaul of mine safety laws in 28 years - a sweeping bill that will reduce safety risks for miners across the country in response to the tragedies in West Virginia and Kentucky early this year. Enzi attended the White House bill signing ceremony on June 15 and stood next to President Bush as the landmark bill officially became law. This was one of several bill signing ceremonies Enzi has attended for a bill that has gone through the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which he chairs.

SOS Spending Reform Bill Will Save Money

              The Stop Over-Spending Act, which Enzi co-sponsored, is ready for floor debate following the Budget Committee's 12-10 passage of the bill on June 20. The legislation is a comprehensive plan to rein in spending, reduce the deficit and inject some reality into the federal budget process. Since Enzi was elected he has worked with colleagues on legislation designed to change the whole federal spending system so that emergency spending will be anticipated, spending deadlines will be met and there will be more time for oversight of how money is being used.

Key Vote Summary

Military Personnel Finance Protection

The Senate Banking Committee voted in favor of a bill introduced by Enzi that would protect military personnel against individuals using deceitful practices to sell financial products. The committee unanimously passed the Military Personnel Financial Services Protection Act and the bill is now ready for consideration by the full Senate.

Death Tax

Enzi voted to permanently repeal the death tax. A majority of senators voted with Enzi to continue debate on the "Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2005" and end the tax, but 60 votes were needed to overcome a procedural hurdle put up by those who favor the death tax. The vote was 57-41.

On the Horizon

The Senate is debating the defense authorization bill with final passage expected for later this week or early next week. Debate is also expected on S.J. Res.12, authorizing Congress to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States, which Enzi is a co-sponsor. After July 4 the first order of business on the Senate calendar will likely be appropriations bills.

News Nuggets

* George Washington University recognized Enzi in May with the highest honor bestowed by the university to its alumni, the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, at an annual reception held during graduation week.  Another notable past award winner- - Former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell.

 * The Medical Device Manufacturers of America awarded Enzi the 2006 MDMA Chairman's Award on June 14 in recognition of his long-time support of innovative, entrepreneurial medical technology companies.

* On June 20 Enzi addressed 500 members of the National Federation of Independent Business at the group’s annual National Small-Business Summit in Washington, D.C. Enzi told the audience to keep making their voices heard by their senators about the need for S. 1955, the Small Business Health Insurance bill. Enzi said he is working to find acceptable changes to get the bill through the Senate. Last month, the bill fell just five votes short of the 60 needed to end a Democrat filibuster blocking a final vote.

 * Enzi spoke at a June meeting of the Associated Builders and Contractors in Washington, D.C. The association gave Enzi the Free Enterprise Legislator of the Year Award for his important role in bringing small business health plan legislation to the Senate floor.

 * The 60 Plus Association honored Enzi’s efforts on behalf of the elderly by awarding him the Guardian of Seniors' Rights Award on June 8.

 * In an effort to stop price gouging and fixing at gas pumps Enzi is alerting citizens to the Department of Energy’s a gasoline price reporting system. 

* On June 15 Enzi cosponsored a Resolution to Commemorate, Celebrate and Reaffirm the National Motto "In God We Trust" on the 50th Anniversary of its formal adoption. The resolution, S.Con.Res. 96, encourages us as a nation to reflect on the motto and why it has been such an integral part of our history.