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Senate Budget Committee passes budget resolution  

Recently the Senate Budget Committee passed the GOP budget plan which balances the budget in ten years with no tax hikes.

Senator Mike Enzi, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, introduced the Senate Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2016, which protects the nation’s most vulnerable citizens, strengthens America’s national defense, and improves economic growth and opportunity for hardworking families.

“This balanced budget delivers to hardworking taxpayers a more effective, efficient and accountable government, which supports Americans when it must and gets out of the way when it should. By working together, we can deliver real solutions, real results, and real progress, which is what the American people want and deserve. But first, we must find common ground and cooperate to get things done.”

The budget resolution is now on the Senate floor to be debated, amended and voted on by the full Senate.

Enzi seeks to stop EPA's regulations from costing Wyoming billions

Senator Enzi cosponsored legislation this week to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing regulations that could cost Wyoming’s economy tens of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs by setting the ground-level ozone standard at an onerously low level.

The Clean Air, Strong Economies (CASE) Act, led by Senator John Thune, R-S.D., and Joe Manchin, D-W.V., would stem the economic harm from a lower ozone standard by requiring the EPA to focus on the worst areas for air quality before lowering the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone across the country. 

The proposed standard from the EPA could affect eight counties in Wyoming. 

This month Senator Enzi also cosponsored the Ozone Regulatory Delay and Extension of Assessment Length (ORDEAL) Act to address the federal regulatory burden of air quality regulations.

The legislation would help those areas struggling to attain current NAAQS by providing a more manageable timeline between the EPA’s air quality standard revisions.  

ATF slows ammo ban after letter from senators

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is slowing down on its attempt to ban ammo after receiving a letter from Senator Enzi and other senators.

Enzi joined 50 other senators in writing a letter to the ATF director asking the agency’s to stop its efforts to ban M855 ball ammunition.

The senators wrote that the “Second Amendment rights require not only access to firearms but to bullets." Later, the ATF issued a statement saying it would not seek to issue the final guidelines “at this time”. 

On March 20 the director of ATF, B. Todd Jones resigned.

Where’s the meat?

Senator Enzi is calling on the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services to take a longer and more intense look at an advisory committee’s omission of red meat as part of a healthy diet.

"This statement ignores the peer-reviewed and published scientific evidence that shows the role of lean red meats as part of a healthy diet," Senator Enzi said in a letter signed by 30 other U.S. senators and led by John Thune, R-S.D. 

The letter also requests an extension of the 45-day comment period to ensure stakeholders have enough time to review and comment on the lengthy report.

Wyoming Office Hours for Senator Enzi’s staff

Senator Enzi meets with people in different parts of the state most weekends, but his staff also holds office hours to answer questions and pass along any concerns or ideas. Make sure to stop by.

4/16/2015 – Sheridan – YMCA – 1:00-2:00p.m.

4/16/2015 – Ranchester – Town Hall – 2:30-3:00p.m.

4/29/15 – Wright – Town Hall – 10:00-10:30a.m.

4/29/15 – Gillette – Library – 2:00-3:00p.m.