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In 2009 President Obama and his allies made false promises about Obamacare. Many people were taken in and there was not enough opposition to overcome a monopolization of power by proponents of the health care law.

Now it’s 2014 and much of President Obama’s health care law has gone into effect (even though he has gone beyond his authority and delayed some of the more politically problematic parts until after the next election). Many Americans are realizing the president’s promises of people being able to keep their health care and pay lower premiums were nothing more than slick salesmanship. The unfortunate reality that many of us predicted, as the president and his allies stacked the deck to pass this law, is now here

But we shouldn’t give up on putting in place a health care system that actually would reduce costs and help people get better care. It may pay to go back to the beginning and revisit the ideas that were rejected by those blinded with Obamacare ambition. It may pay to go back and look more closely at what happened at the beginning and the ideas those blinded with Obamacare ambition rejected. This health care law is unworkable. People are paying more and the only thing they are getting more of is government. More people understand this now and I hope they are more willing to look at health insurance portability across state lines, market-based consumer choice flexibility, medical liability reforms and more.

Click the image below and visit the new webpage to view the story of Obamacare as seen through my eyes. It’s a timeline of what I did every step of the way and continue to do as I work with my colleagues to give people real alternatives to the inoperable, complex, government-centered health care system that has been forced upon this country. I’m not giving up.

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U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.