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A dedicated workforce is at the heart of any successful business. As we enter the spring, we are also entering one of the best seasons of the year – hiring season. There is no better time than now to start looking for the eager team to get you through the spring and summer push. While it may seem like small businesses can’t compete with larger companies in finding qualified workers, don’t underestimate the value you have as a local employer.

While the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an effect on the economy, the opportunities for finding good employees is now. In February alone, the U.S. saw 273,000 more jobs, along with an increase in wages, leading to an overall more productive economy. Whether your industry saw this workforce boom or if you are taking advantage of introducing students to your business as summer interns or using the graduation season to hire recent graduates. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead in finding qualified workers to set the framework for your best possible team.

Hiring new employees is all about making good connections. One way to make connections is to reach out to community colleges and technical schools where students are searching for opportunities to join the workforce part-time during school in order to be familiar upon graduating. This is an excellent way to meet young folks who are excited to start their careers and are freshly equipped with the latest skills needed to help your business grow. There are several job fairs hosted during this season and it’s a great time to start interviewing. If your team is looking for fresh perspectives, interviewing recent graduates would be a great place to start.

In the age of technology the possibilities the internet offers are limitless, with online job postings being another good way to get your business’s name out there. More and more Americans are looking for jobs on the internet by using job posting forums. Wyoming has several in place already like the Wyoming at Work website or the Wyoming Administration and Information website. Both are great starting points for employers looking to post job openings. These websites are an effective way to reach out to a wider group of qualified people all across the state, while being able to stay organized throughout your hiring process. Wherever you look, there are sure to be programs available that complement all small business hiring needs.

If your business decides to take on hiring season, it’s important to keep your business’s culture in mind. Who would be a good match for the values of your business? The answer may open your eyes to new folks, like military veterans. Wyoming is filled with capable and hardworking people. Let Wyoming’s potential surprise you. Your next best employee could come from your community.