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The Senate passed the Agriculture Appropriations bill 55-43 this evening. Senator Enzi submitted a statement on the floor of the Senate expressing his disappointment that an amendment requiring the labeling of imported meat was dropped from the final package. He also was dismayed that conferees chose to remove a price reporting pilot project intended to shed light on allegations of unfair competition by the big meat packers.

Enzi ultimately voted in favor of the bill because it provides important funding for agricultural research and education, crop insurance, rural development and various nutrition programs. The bill also provides $4.2 billion in emergency funding appropriated to assist farmers and ranchers experiencing hard times.

Enzi has continually pressed for the labeling of imported meat, a level playing field for domestic meat handlers who transport products across state lines and an effective and accurate report on the accusations that the big meat packers engage in monopolistic practices. He said he will not let these issues rest and he will push for this legislation again in the next congress.