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Nomination of J. Thomas Dougherty
United States Ambassador to the Republic of Burkina Faso
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Statement by U.S. Senator Michael Enzi
July 13, 2010
Mr. Chairman, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meets today to consider the President’s nomination of J. Thomas Dougherty to be the United Ambassador to the Republic of Burkina Faso.
Mr. Chairman, ranking member, this is a proud day for the whole State of Wyoming.  I believe Mr. Dougherty is the sixth Wyomingite to serve as Ambassador, and the second career officer to do so.  The first was Jeanine Jackson from Sheridan, Wyoming who was very recently Ambassador to Burkina Faso and worked with Mr. Dougherty in Baghdad.  We now have a strong connection between the people of Burkina Faso and the people of Wyoming and I am pleased that Mr. Dougherty is poised to be our next representative there.
Looking over Mr. Dougherty’s record in the Foreign Service, the committee can see that he has served in posts that most Americans can only dream of.  He has represented the United States in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  His time in the Congo, Malawi, Eritrea, Senegal, and Cameroon will especially aid his service in Burkina Faso.
I strongly support Mr. Dougherty’s nomination.  He is an excellent candidate for this important diplomatic position.  I am proud that an outstanding Wyoming native has been nominated to contribute to the important foreign policy goals of the United States in Africa.
The United States faces diverse and dynamic challenges and opportunities in Burkina Faso.  Promoting development includes an emphasis on the elimination of poverty, transparent governance, economic reform, anti-corruption practices, and greater political and economic participation.  Individuals like Thomas Dougherty understand these complexities and will help the United States achieve its goals.
Mr. Chairman, I enthusiastically endorse Mr. Dougherty’s nomination and recommend him to this committee.