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There are a thousand reasons to celebrate the life of Senator Bob Bennett but I will only mention a few. 

While he was a consummate, effective Senator, his love for his faith, his family and his friends really made him special. He was a man who lived by example. He was quiet, but effective. He mentored me and many others by giving gentle, timely suggestions. 

His presentations at prayer breakfast helped us to know him and his faith better. He demonstrated what he learned at church and particularly on his mission and he was willing to share that with us to help our lives. But his life was a living example of his faith. 

He also probably never realized the difference he made in people's lives with his involvement with Franklin Planner alone. And I know he never realized the difference he made daily as he worked with people on legislation, much of which he never got credit for, but was effective at getting finished. 

He had a special talent for speaking and presenting. He was able to take numbers from the Joint Economic Council, which he chaired, and make them understandable to his colleagues - an unmatched talent! His experience in small business gave him the ability to make people understand the kinds of decisions small businesses have to make - how many decisions and how far in advance they had to be made and how critical all that was to how well the United States does. He recognized and made a case like no other person for how important small business was as the engine our economy.

Yes Bob, you have been missed and are missed. Your family is in our prayers as we grieve with them.