Our state’s ability to address present and future challenges through innovation, ingenuity and plain old Wyoming common sense is just one reason why our state is so special.  Our inventiveness and resourcefulness is crucial to our economy and keeping Wyoming’s people, agricultural communities, energy sector and burgeoning tech sector in high demand. 

As a rural and less populated state, Wyoming faces additional hurdles when it comes to getting access to affordable and accessible broadband. That’s why I recognize the importance of Universal Service Fund (USF) dollars in rural Wyoming which helps provide quality broadband service to our state. I will continue working to advance broadband deployment in currently high-cost rural areas to give rural Americans the opportunity to obtain affordable internet.

We can continue our progress by putting a greater focus on the areas of science, technology, engineering and math in our schools; including a targeted focus on research and development in the bio-medical and energy-related fields; and through the annual Inventors Conference that I host in Wyoming for all ages and stages of idea development.


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