Tour Requests

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White House Tours
White House tour requests must be submitted through one's Member of Congress. Due to the high volume of requests, the White House is often full several months in advance. Tour times are selected by the White House. You will be required to provide additional personal information that will be used in the White House security screening process. A representative from my office will contact you with additional details. A tour request must be submitted 3 months in advance.
FBI Experience Tours
The FBI Experience is a self-guided tour at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Tours for groups of fewer than 20 individuals must be scheduled through a congressional office. A tour request should be submitted at least 2 months in advance. This tour will also require you to provide personal information for security screenings.
Special Needs and Requests
If you have any more questions or if you want information about other tours we can help schedule, please feel free to contact my office by phone at (202) 224-3424 or by email at